How do I measure my roof?

How do I measure my roof?

The first step in getting an accurate metal roofing estimate is measuring your roof correctly.

Here are the most important measurements to bring in if you are needing an estimate for a new metal roof.

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Start by drawing a picture of your roof what it would look like if you are looking down on it, like the one above. You will need to write down how many feet and inches each line represents. As it is not important to have the drawing to scale it is important to make sure the measurements are accurate. Here are some other things to think about when figuring what materials you will need.

  • What are you using the metal for; house, shed, barn, or siding?
  • Are there any porches or areas with different pitches that may require transition flashing?
  • Are there any chimney’s and if so what are the measurements?
  • Are there any other roof penetrations such as plumbing pipes, stove pipes and what are the diameters?
  • Are you installing the metal roof over an existing layer of shingles?
  • Are you planning on using 1×4 purlins or installing over synthetic underlayment?
  • Are you planning on venting the ridge to allow the hot air to escape the attic and is the soffit vented?
  • Have you thought about adding insulation under your new metal roof?