Metal Roofing Benefits: What You Need to Know

There are many metal roofing benefits.  In this article we will discuss what some of those benefits are.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a metal roofing benefit.  Did you know that a painted metal roof is coated with special paint pigments that help reflect the heat put off by the sun.  They call them infrared reflective pigments.  Each color comes with a different rating that measures how much heat is reflected by the paint coating.  The lighter colors of course reflect the most heat but you might be surprised by just how much heat is reflected by the darker colors as well.  The darker colors when compared to a similar color shingle roof, actually is more energy efficient than the shingle roof.


Longevity is a metal roofing benefit.  Did you know that most properly installed metal roofs will last almost twice as long, if not longer, than a shingle roof.  This is on display when you go and visit historical buildings, especially old plantations.  You never see a hundred year old building with its original shingle roof on it.  The main reason for this is that a shingle roof starts to deteriorate as soon as it is installed.  The asphalt in the shingles start to dry up and crack in Florida’s harsh heat and humidity.  The metal roof on the hand is protected with a durable zinc aluminum coating that hand withstand high heat and humidity.

Cost of Ownership

Cost of Ownership is a metal roofing benefit.  Did you know that it is actually cheaper to own a metal roof than a shingle roof over the lifespan of the roof.  If you think about it, even if a shingle roof is 20% less than a metal roof, which in most cases the price is almost the same, if the metal roof outlasts the shingle roof by twice, than the shingle roof is actually more.  How, well, if you have to replace your shingle roof twice, compared to only once with a metal roof, than the metal roof is actually cheaper to own.